<hero description="This is a wikia created by ConspiracyKiller and Cat28, in order for them to post their stories and productions for others to read and enjoy. This wikia is also open for other users to post their own stories and productions with the permission from the creators. " imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>

Welcome To The C.C.K Industries Wikia!Edit

Hello! Let us introduce ourselves and our incredible wikia! This is a wikia created by ourselves, ConspiracyKiller825 and Cat28, also known as CK and Cate for short. We decided to create this wikia in order for us to post our amazingly created stories and productions about other famous creations that focus upon mystery and secrets, in order for others to read and enjoy. Currently there are four marvellous and newly created stories and universes by ourselves, CK and Cate. However, we want every contributor who reads this to know that this wikia is also open for other users to post their own created stories and productions through the use of their blogs, and even this wikia's pages with the permission from us, the creators. Though this wikia is also an entirely new world that we are all going to create together. You are completely welcome to make edits and create pages, write blogs and so on and so forth. We would also really appreciate your help in getting the word out about this wikia to others who also may enjoy its content. Feel free to become really involved in the stories, and let creators know your theories, thoughts, feedback, and constructive criticism, in order to make users and their productions even better! Writing is something that we're really passionate about and really enjoy, so we're really glad that we get you guys to share the experience with us. If you ever have any concerns or questions about anything, leave us a message on our walls or talk to us on chat, and we'd be happy to help you all out! We hope you all enjoy this wikia and all that is contained within it as much as we do! So what are you waiting for, go check everything out! -CK&Cate

Please Note! You are to respect everybody's views and everybody's perspectives. We will not tolerate any negative, hateful or inappropriate comments, posts, or behaviours on this wikia towards anybody. This wikia was created for new writers, who are interested in posting some stories on a communal site and having a wonderful time being apart of a welcoming community. Please understand people do have emotions on the other side of your screen, and may be slightly frightened of posting their own stories, and while constructive criticism is permitted, straight and flat out rude and mean criticism will not be even remotley tolerated and will be removed by admins. Thank You for listening and understanding.